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Dear Coach Tran :)

What would you suggest, transitioning from a pure cardio regimen (30-60 min, 6 days/wk, of treadmill running or indoor rowing, moderate mostly, but twice/wk high intensity intervals [on the erg]), into one where strength or other compensatory training is introduced?

Caveat: client has high blood pressure, controlled via diet and the aforementioned cardio.

Coach Tran

What is missing a flexibility and resistance training program for this person. So here are my recommendations:

1. Intu-Flow™ Level One or Ageless Mobility™ daily if possible before or after cardio/strength training.

2. Density Cycle of using mini clubbells© or a pair of 10 clubbells©. Using the intuitive training protocols. A good basic clubbell density exercise routine is simply the cleans. Twice a week should build good GPP (work capacity)

3. World Kettlebell Club fitness routine and protocols. One 8k or 12k bell would be fine. 2-3 time a week is a good start. it should takes less than 10 min a day.

4. Would recommend yoga or AI stretches for this person. If possible, do it after main workouts or by itself of non cardio or strength days, but doing daily is best.

That person should alternate days of cardio for resistance training. He or she should actually cut back on his cardio volume as he or she is building up his clubbell or kettlebell fitness training volume. I hopes this helps. Oh yeah, I recommend getting a Polar Heart Monitor to track his HR and HR recovery from work.

Your Coach,
Bao Tran

Coach Tran

Doc, I hope this made sense? Enjoy.

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