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Coach Tran

I have enjoyed the book very much. It was simple, practical, and insightful. HOWEVER I was very disappointed with the videos because I expected BETTER quality like the other legit fitness pros I have come to respect. So I do not recommend this video box set.

The Gymnastic Body DVDs were homemade. It is evident that it was edited by MAC software because you can see the apple logo on the home screen. Now that is GHETTO! LOL

Is that legal? I wonder if Apple knows about this?

All in all, I would only recommend getting the book and extreme rings.


Bao, question on this training path (for some time):

For clients with high blood pressure, what kind of protocols do you recommend, as well as advise to steer clear from?

I've been hesitant to use bodyweight strength protocols (or any strength programs requiring slow grinding or near isometric lifts) in this population, yet puzzled as to what to recommend for strength beyond a cardio base.

Coach Tran

I advise that everyone should get a complete medical examination before beginning a new exercise program or working with an athletic trainer. Most do not this because they do not have the health care coverage or some believe they are not at risk, which is really not smart because hypertension is a silent killer.

This is also why I tell newly certified personal trainers and athletic coaches to perform a complete health and fitness screen before training their clients because, as fitness professionals, it is our goal to increase the quality of life of our clients.

In my initial health and fitness assessment, I perform a simple blood pressure test, and if I discover a blood pressure reading of 140/90 or near it, it is a red flag and it demands that I do not work with them until they get medical clearance from their doctor. From my experience, many gym members are often unaware of their own blood pressure and its relationship to their health and exercise routine.

As you already know medical science are quite uncertain why some have exaggerated blood pressure during exercise, but some believe it ‘may’ be an early sign of cardiovascular disease. I have heard various scientific and alternative theories to the cause of hypertension, but it makes sense that making healthier lifestyle choices are good first steps toward the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Besides the standard recommended cardiovascular protocols for this population, I recommend simple and cost effective exercises such as:

Tai Chi
Intu-Flow (Circular Strength Training™’s first ring: Joint Mobility Program)
Mini Clubbells© (light resistance training)
Basic Body weight exercises

The difference is I also train this population to listen to their bodies by introducing them to the Circular Strength Training’s Intuitive Training protocols, which allow them to scale their perceived rate of technique, physical/psychological discomfort, and exertion. I recommend that people with high blood pressure to have Perceived Rate of Technique of 8, Perceived Rate of discomfort of 3 or less, and a Perceived Rate of Exertion of 5 or less. These rates are on a scale of 1-10.

I do not recommend isometric exercises, HIT methodology, and Power lifting for this population. I am not too worried about doing body weight exercise (10-20 second time under work) just long they are working at the right load (sub max loads) and getting enough rest in between sets to recover their heart rate. I hope this answered your questions. Not all exercise is safe for everyone, gymnastic is definitely not for everyone. However I am sure we can scale it down for anyone really interested in doing it. Play is always good medicine. I highly recommend that for this population.

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